Let’s Go! Fun Drive

All-inclusive Donation Fundraising Services

All the fun.. and the RUN!

We are the
“Wedding Planners”  of the school event fundraising space.

From bubble runs to dance-athons… we have you covered for our all-inclusive events.  See what your local Let’s Go! coordinator has to offer in your area!

You are going to be impressed!

Our unique 
fundraising method is designed for all types of events!

Our full-service fundraising program that is flexible with any fundraising event! Choose to add an event at the end of your fundraiser:
– Fun Run
– Dance-a-thon
– Color Run
– Glow Run
and more!

Let’s do something GREAT!

One of our fundraising experts will walk you through how it would look for your fundraiser.

If you have a specific question about a campaign that is already running, please include the name of the group fundraising, the participant, and a brief description of your inquiry. Thank you!